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Measure-X® (formerly known as eBx) features dual monitor support, optional touchscreen interface, and high level editing capabilities. Measure-X software provides a powerful, straightforward, and uniquely capable environment for creating and running part measurement routines.


Measure-X Dual-Monitor Mode

Dual-monitor capabilities of Measure-X offer the operator a large view of the part model and complete access to the graphical user interface to speed and enrich the measurement process. The optional touchscreen interface allows mouse- and keyboard-free operation, making Measure-X a sensible solution for operation on the shop floor and other work areas where peripheral hardware may be inconvenient or discouraged. Dynamically linked windows enable easy browsing and editing of your program in real-time, without searching through complicated multiple menus.

Measure-X Brochure
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Touch Screen
Optional Touch Screen Capability Available!

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Download the Measure-X Datasheet to learn more

Download the Measure-X datasheet to learn more about this product and how it can work for you.

Measure-X Datasheet (951 KB)

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