SprintMVP 200-300 Systems

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SprintMVP 200

SprintMVP fits on a workbench and provides stage travels as large as 12" x 12". Use the handy joystick to move the part and optics. Precise autofocus speeds throughput and improves repeatability. Run programs for all your parts to keep your quality in control.

SprintMVP Features:

Powered by Measure-X® metrology software

Measure-X screenshot

Measure-X Metrology Software is designed for SprintMVP systems. Full-featured measurement software with intuitive point and click interfaces. Icon toolboxes make it simple to accomplish measurement and write part programs. Interactive editor allows direct text editing for all step entries.

Key Features and Options
Monitors and Display Equipment
Monitor, keyboard, and mouse are optional
Zoom Lens
Motorized (standard)
VectorLight™ Ringlight and LED backlight
Miscellaneous Options
Manual Indexer, NIST Traceable Linear Scale, Optical Accessory Kit
Software Options
  • Reporting software
  • MeasureFit® Plus
Download the SprintMVP 200-300 Datasheet to learn more

Download the SprintMVP 200-300 datasheet to learn more about this product and how it can work for you.

SprintMVP 200-300 Datasheet (172 KB)

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X-Y Axis English Units Metric Units
XY Travel (MVP 200) 8" x 6" 200 x 150 mm
XY Travel (MVP 250) 12" x 6" 300 x 150 mm
XY Travel (MVP 300) 12" x 12" 300 x 300 mm
XY Accuracy* (MVP 200) E2 = (2.5 + 4L/1000) µm
XY Accuracy* (MVP 250, 300) E2 = (2.5 + 6L/1000) µm
Scale Resolution 0.00002" 0.5 µm
Z Travel 6" 150 mm
Z Accuracy** E1 = (3.8 + 8L/1000) µm
Scale Resolution 0.00002" 0.5 µm
Optical Performance
Working Distance (with VectorLight) 2.75" 70 mm
Magnification on 20" Monitor 35x to 175x
Field of View 0.070" - 0.35" 1.8 - 8.9 mm
Load Capacity 30 lbs 14 kg
Temperature, safe operating 59°F - 86°F 15°C - 30°C
Temperature to meet specifications 68°F ± 2°F 20°C ± 1°C
Need to measure larger parts or several parts at a time? Check out our floor model systems.
*Where L = Length in mm, with evenly distributed 10 kg load in the standard measuring plane. Depending on load distribution, accuracy at maximum rated load may be less than standard accuracy. XY axis artifact: 25 intersection grid reticle in the standard measuring plane. The standard measuring plane is defined as a plane that is 25 mm above the worktable.
**Z axis artifact: QVI step gage or master gage blocks.